History and experience

Glorious history

  China Sports International Co., Ltd., formerly known as the foreign aid office of the National Physical Culture and Sports Commission, was founded in January 1965. In 1991, approved by National Physical Culture and Sports Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the foreign aid office restructuring to become a state-owned enterprise, belonging to the National Physical Culture and Sports Commission, specifically undertake aid missions and sports foreign trade business by the Chinese government, is known as the National team of China sports foreign aid by the competent aid departments of the Chinese government. In 1998, the company joined the China Sports Industry Group, the only listed company of the State General Administration of Sports. For over half a century, the company in terms of sports services, sports facilities, sports products trade and create a brilliant performance, has accumulated rich experience, training a large number of professional talents; is the domestic company engaged in international sports technical cooperation and the construction of sports facilities for the longest time, create the most achievement and get the most influence. CSIC adhering to the enterprise culture of "loyalty, dedication, rigorous, pragmatic, hard work, innovation", has become the leader of Chinese company specializing in international sports services, sports products trade, sports facilities construction business.

  In order to praise the contribution that Chinese Government made to the sports facilities construction of the developing countries, Mr. Samaranch, the president of former IOC, came to China on a special trip in April 1986, awarded the IOC's supreme honorable "Olympic Cup" to the COC, he said: "The best stadium of China's construction is not in China, but in Africa." Several leaders of International Olympic Committee spoke highly of the Chinese government's selfless support for the development of sports in developing countries.

  Chinese government attaches great importance to foreign aid work on sports; state leaders have visited sports foreign aid projects undertaken by our company, for several times, received foreign aid personnel of our company, fully affirmed and highly valued the works done by our company.

Excellent ability

  The company is committed to providing the "three combination" training of athletes, Seminal (training), celebration performance and other sports events organization technical services, covering Asia, Africa, Oceania, central and South America for other more than 50 developing countries. Especially in the past five years, the company sent more than 800 coaches and sports experts to foreign countries, trained more than 2000 foreign athletes, coaches and sports officials in china, trained more than 30000 professional staffs.

  Sports products trade is another business section of the company besides sports facilities consulting, design, construction and sports technical services. CSIC establish a good relationship of cooperation with famous domestic sports facilities manufacturing enterprises, to provide all kinds of competition equipment for international sports events, special equipment for training, sports facilities for primary and middle school campus and various sports &leisure entertainment products, those products are exported to many countries in the world. At the same time, combined with the design and construction of stadiums and gymnasiums at home and abroad, the company introduced the most advanced international sports materials and equipment, including scoring system, polyurethane running tracks, diving springboard and other facilities. The company has many years of experience in import and export trade, to provide customers with quality products and first-class service.

  The company has the ability of undertaken various sports facilities planning, design, construction and management and maintenance.In the past 50 years, the company involved in the implementation of the various international standard sports facilities (including stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, basketball court, volleyball court , tennis court, etc.) has been more than 60, distributed in more than 50 countries. These sports facilities have become the local landmark buildings, and have been successfully held intercontinental or regional sports competitions, becoming the country's most important national training and competition facilities.